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Emergency Services

Berkeley Logic is available to help with several unforeseen situations, such as:

  • Nonfunctional PCs or laptops
  • Virus or malware infections
  • Accidental data loss
  • Damaged hard drives

Berkeley Logic provides on-site services to diagnose and repair many hardware and software problems. We have portable tools that allow us to extract data from a computer even if it cannot be booted.  

In case a computer is badly corrupted and needs more attention, Berkeley Logis has a fully-functional test laboratory. The Berkeley Logic Lab has the tools and facilities to allow us to recover data from physically damaged hard dives, as well as reconstruct corrupted operating systems.

In case we cannot recover data, Berkeley Logic partners with DriveSavers, a Novato-based provider of high-end data recovery services. If you absolutely need critical business or personal data, then DriveSavers is your best bet. As a reseller of DriveSaver services, Berkeley Logic will facilitate your use of the service.

Click the "See Discounts" button below to be directed to the DriveSavers web site for a special discount code only available from Berkeley Logic. 


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