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Helpdesk Services

A big part of an IT technician's daily duties is to make sure that all the end-users are happily using their systems. To make this possible, users must feel like they have a reliable communications channel to their computer person. And, they must also be confident the computer person will respond to their request in a reasonable amount of time.

End-user support services is known in the IT industry as "Helpdesk Services." While today's IT technician is more married to their smartphone than their desktop computer, the term "helpdesk" has stuck and implies more than just a person at the end of a telephone number. A helpdesk system keeps track of service requests, does system monitoring, and catalogs hardware inventories.

If computer users don't have their questions answered or have to deal with regular frustrations, they eventually become cynical about their computer's capabilities. They don't look for further productivity improvements in their computer techniques and tend to rely on rote procedures.

Berkeley Logic Helpdesk Services breaks this negative cycle by providing the critical bit of training or insight that helps users get past frustrating roadblocks. This service is performed by a Berkeley Logic technician who works at your business location on a scheduled basis. The goal is to integrate this person into your workforce as a new colleague, thus creating an expectation that computer service needs will be met on a regular basis.

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