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Branch Office Networking

Growing enterprises often find themselves outstripping their original confines. Berkeley Logic helps muti-location organizations link offices and buildings together using a variety of techniques.

  1. Wireless Bridges - If your new location is within one mile of the main office, and you have line-of-sight between the two locations, the you may use a very economical private wireless solution.
  2. Point-to-Point VPN - When you only have one or two computers in a new office, you can simply join up each computer to the home network using the same techniques used for remote users.
  3. Site-to-Site VPN - When the home office needs to access resources in the new office, such as printers, servers or surveillance cameras, then creating a routed Internet Protocol network delivers the best results.

Berkeley Logic can solve your WAN networking problems and come up with creative solutions to linking a growing enterprise. Give us a call today at 510-228-4500 for more information and a free evaluation.

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