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Backup and Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes you need to be prepared. Computer data backup needs to be redundant, reliable and easy to use. You can trust Berkeley Logic to get the job done.

We design at least three levels of backup into our client systems. First, we ensure that critical data stored onsite uses RAID 1 disk mirroring. In that setup, your server has two disks that automatically duplicate their contents thus ensuring that you will have zero downtime if one of those disks fail.

The next step in backup operations is to guard against accidental or malicious destruction of data. This can happen when someone hits the wrong command, or when someone thinks they are going to destroy your critical business data.

Berkeley Logic builds in at least two levels of defense here. First, we use the built-in snapshot capabilities of Microsoft Windows and some Linux file systems. At least once a day, the file system will automatically make backup copies of any new files on the system. Then, if you accidentally damage a file all that's required to restore it is a simple right-click in Windows Explorer.

Finally, there is the worst-case scenario of your physical site being destroyed due to fire or other natural disaster. To guard against that possibility you will need to upload your data from your physical location to a remote backup location, preferably to somewhere out of the Northern California region.

If you are looking to protect the information and intellectual capital that runs your enterprise, then give us a call today at 510-228-4500. We will give you a range of options and choices that will help to make your data secure.

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