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Online Marketing Package

Berkeley Logic Online Marketing Package
Services provided
Search Engine Optimization (Initial fee, Monthly service)
*Adwords campaigns (Initial fee, Monthly service includes $100 monthly paid Adwords account)
Social Network, Media creation & Management (Initial fee, Monthly service)
**One time photo shoot, editing, and publishing on social media (Initial fee only)
(* Offer price includes a $100 managed Adwords account. Price increases with larger account campaigns)
(** Offer price includes a 1 time photo shoot. Additional services in Photography, Video Creation & Advertising Copy Write are available at a further charge)
Service fees
Monthly charge: $300
Initial fee (1 time): $300
Service descriptions
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is necessary to assure your companies site doesn't get lost in the search engine shuffle. SEO requires embedding meta-tags, or search words, into the programming of your website. These tags will assist the search engines like; Google, Yahoo, & Bing, to find your site. Monthly analysis and adjustments are made to maximize the sites attention to the search engines.
Google Adwords campaigns are the single most effective means to strategically advertise a local business on the Internet. Google is the predominant search engine on today. Managing a successful campaign takes experience and continued learning to stay up to date with the latest version of Adwords. Bidding on pay per click, or impression ads effectively can significantly boost your companies business. Weekly monitoring, analysis, and adjustments are required to keep the campaigns working at peak efficiency.
Social Media Management is a means to advertise, and allow the public and customers, the ability to help draw further attention to a business. Sites like Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, and more locally Patch, and Craigslist, are just some of the many social network marketing tools used to keep a business in the conscience of their patrons. Management of these campaigns requires constant upkeep and content uploading ensuring a fresh message.
Creative Services are what makes the content used to portray a fresh image and attracted viewers. Images, video, and copy written material
Video/Photography Studio Production Professional video and photography content can go a long way to attracting new business.
Advertising Copywriting The right words are important to convey the message of your business. Coupled with the right images, strategic copywriter advertising the way to complete your companies online image.

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